The Project at Hedgehog Hall

Hedgehog Hall Herisson

Originally the local secondary school of the village, run by a local order of monks, this medieval building had to find a new use in the 17th century after the French revolution.  Exactly how it was used is unknown until the 19th Century when it became a blacksmiths workshop.  However in the latter part of the 20th century it was sold as a dwelling house and has passed through many owners over the last 50 years waiting for someone brave enough to restore it.  The most recent owner, M. Rea made valiant and successful efforts to restore the first floor and has laid the foundations for the rest of the work.  A lot remains to be done however.


The village of Herisson (Literally Hedgehog in French) is itself medieval. A Gallo Roman settlement in Cordes-Chateloy nearby was overrun by the Goths in the 6th Century and the local inhabitants started to fortify their village using natural defences including the promontory and the elbow in the river.  So Herisson grew up around a chateau fortress and the local aristocracy, the Bourbons became masters of an important fortification of their land.